"A great guy, who knows his stuff and is trustworthy. He's a matchmaker!  Dan just sold me an amazing '63 strat. Throughout the buying process Dan was extremely accommodating. He encouraged me to bring several wonderful strat examples over to compare. He was quiet the whole time and didn't try to influence my findings at all. Additionally, the price was very reasonable and realistic given the economic times we're in.

Since the purchase, I've fallen more and more in love with this guitar. It is just such a soulful, special piece. I've been looking for a strat like it for years. I've emailed Dan several times to let him know how happy I am. I can tell that he really shares in my joy. I get the feeling that for Dan, he's not simply selling objects, but promoting something much deeper and less concrete." Jeremy Zuckerman.


(Jeremy is an Emmy winning soundtrack master!



"I bought the Weissenborn Style 4 of a lifetime and

of my dreams from Dan. This being one of his personal collection

made it all the more special to me and he was kind enough

to throw in it's mojo for free."  James Williamson.

(James is the long time Guitarist for Iggy and the Stooges

going back as far as the 70s. To see his guitar go to

my gallery page and see "My Baby" Weissenborn style 4

and you'll see why it has been the guitar of many' dreams).


Dan has been a good friend of mine for more years than I can

remember and I have relied on his expert judgment on many

occasions to get good accurate valuations on instruments.

I've always found Dan honest and fair in any transaction and

I've got some really great amplifiers and instruments,

both standard guitars and steels, that have passed

through his hands before they got to me.  Greg Leisz.

(Greg records and plays with everyone - the most recorded steelist of all time including the Eagles, Smashing Pumpkins, KD lang, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant ... and the list goes on)




ďI bought an incredible guitar From Dan, a 55í refinished Tele.

It was at a guitar show, and although there were others at the

show purported to be 100% original, the moment I played Danís -

I knew it had something extra special; it spoke to me more so than

those other Teles I played there. I could not believe
that guitar had not been sold the minute it was set out for display;

it was that good and priced just right.

The transaction with Dan was fantastic, and I look forward to

the next time he shows me a guitar that I canít live without.
I WILL see you at the show!"  - Very best, Lyle Workman.

(Guitarist with Sting, producer of soundtracks including the "40 Year Old
Virgin" and much more .. )

Dan Yablonka helped me with an otherwise complex

 international transaction transpire seamlessly, and painlessly.

I highly recommend him. Tris Imboden

(Drummer for Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Kahn, Al Jareau and personal
Favorite "Honk" )